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十個步驟搞懂CSS Position

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十個步驟搞懂CSS Position
範例1: 若要子元素參考父元素的中間, 則父元素要設position: relative, 子元素要設position: absolute並且left: 50% (其餘子元素會往左上縮)
範例2: 若要子元素參考父元素的左邊, 則子元素要設float: left (其餘子元素會往左上縮)

<div id=”div-before”><p>紫色</p></div>
 <div id=”div-1”>
  <div id=”div-1a”><p>紅色</p></div>
  <div id=”div-1b”><p>綠色</p></div>
  <div id=”div-1c”><p>藍色</p></div>
<div id=”div-after”>靛色</p></div>

頂尖設計公司進行Brain Storming的七條規則

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“The Best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas.”
1、暫緩評論(Defer Judgment)
2、異想天開(Encourage Wild Ideas)
3、借「題」發揮(Build on Ideas of Others)
4、不要離題(Stay Focused on Topic)
5、一次一人發揮(One Conversation at a Time)
6、圖文並茂(Be Visual)
7、多多益善(Go for Quantity)


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我的技術日誌開張了, 今後要繼續加油啦!
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